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Laurastar drain caps ensure water-tightness and excellent pressure for your Laurastar product. They are therefore essential elements for your product to operate correctly. We recommend to change the caps regularly in order to avoid steam leaks. Laurastar's top-quality caps must always be used with care.

The boiler should be rinsed with warm tap water before first use and every month thereafter (or every 10 hours of ironing). When rinsing, the product must be cool, switched off and unplugged.

For further information, please consult the instruction manual for your Laurastar product or our FAQ section.

Suitable for the following ironing systems:

Laurastar S4a, Laurastar S5a, Laurastar S6a, Laurastar S7a, Laurastar Pulse, Laurastar Pulse Silver, Premium S3, Laurastar F1a, Laurastar F2a, Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition, Laurastar S PLUS