Anniversary Edition to celebrate 35 years of Laurastar

In honour of its 35th anniversary, Laurastar dresses up the Laurastar Pulse with a touch of glamour: a vivid coral ironing board cover which is particularly resistant to heat and resolutely stylish... an ultra-modern combination!

  • + Start and auto stop

    Ready to use in 3 minutes. Automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of non-use.

  • + Active board

    Equipped with a blower and vacuum system for a perfect result without creases.

  • + Professional iron

    A professional soleplate which diffuses an ultrafine, powerful steam.

  • + 3D active soleplate

    Diffuses steam evenly to eliminate creases in a single movement.

  • + Pulse steam

    Diffused by a series of short bursts for more intelligent ironing.

  • + Automatic steam

    With a slight movement of the iron handle, steam is automatically released.

  • + Removable water tank

    Can be refilled during use for non-stop ironing.

  • + Integrated wheels

    For maximum mobility of your Laurastar.

  • + Cable rewinder

    The electric cable rolls up automatically.

+ + + + + + + + +

The Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition ironing system, Laurastar’s latest technological innovation, consists of an active board, equipped with a 2-speed blower and vacuum system, which you can change simply by pressing a button. Its pulse steam system, diffused by a series of automatic and short intermittent bursts ensures optimal steam distribution for a perfect result. Thanks to its professional iron equipped with a 3D active soleplate, steam is diffused evenly, allowing you to eliminate creases in a single movement. With a slight movement of the handle, the professional iron automatically releases an ultrafine, powerful steam which will preserve fabrics and colours.

With its bold and distinctly glamorous new colour – created exclusively to mark the brand’s 35th anniversary – the Laurastar Pulse sets itself apart with an artful blend of beauty and high technology. It is made from a material designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, currently used in the manufacture of protective clothing worn by professionals.

Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition comes with a protective soleplate for delicate fabrics, a special heat-resistant iron mat,  a steam cord holder and an anti-scale water filter refill.

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Immediate use

The Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition ironing system heats up in only three minutes. Thanks to its patented opening and foldaway system, it can be set up and stored away in an instant.


The Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition ironing system has six adjustable height levels as well as an automatic electric cable rewinder. For increased convenience, its vertical steaming function allows you to bring the finishing touch to your hanging garment.

Non-stop ironing

Laurastar Pulse's Anniversary Edition removable water tank can hold up to 1.2 litres and has an integrated anti-scale filter. It allows you to add water as you iron.

Safe use

The Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition ironing system has an auto-stop function which automatically switches off the appliance after fifteen minutes of non-use for increased safety and energy saving. Its safety storage box allows you to store away the iron when it is still hot.

Easy to store away

Easy to move around with its two pairs of integrated wheels, the Laurastar Pulse ironing system is easy to store away, taking up only 20cm when folded.

General features

Steam pressure
Constant pressure, 3.5 bars (double volume)
Autonomous ironing
Device power
2200 W
Ventilator power
16 VA, 2 speeds
Steam ready light


Iron soleplate
Aluminium, brushed finish
Iron rest
Iron weight
1,18 kg

Water tank

Tank capacity
Around 1.2 litres
Water level visible
Tank empty light
Tank handle

Anti-limescale treatment

Limescale system
Type of limescale system
Filter with granules included

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions of the surface
125 x 42 cm
Dimensions when folded (H x L x W)
137 x 42 x 20 cm
Dimensions when unfolded (H x L x W)
(82-102) x 137 x 42 cm
Height adjustable
82 à 102 cm
Length of electric cable
2,3 m
Length of steam cord
2,1 m
Total weight
19 kg

To ensure professional quality ironing, Laurastar's Swiss engineers and researchers have designed a range of accessories which adapt to your ironing system and steam generator. Protective soleplates, ironing board covers, anti-scale filters, steam cord holders, travel garment bags, boards for ironing the narrowest part of your clothes and even ironing boards are all creations which will make your life easier. With Laurastar, ironing becomes a moment of pure pleasure.

Accessories included with the product

Accessories sold separately

A global leader in innovative ironing systems and steam generators, Swiss brand Laurastar strives for excellence on a daily basis. Laurastar brings together the Swiss know-how of its engineers and designers to guarantee quality, precision and aesthetics for which Switzerland is renowned.