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Meeting the challenges of everyday hygiene starts with understanding them. What risks do we run when we don’t follow good practices? Which habits have we forgotten and what consequences will this bring for not only our health, but also that of our nearest and dearest and society as a whole? How do we deal with it? Which simple practices should we incorporate, which routines should we adopt? Where should we focus our attention? Here you will find all of Lab-L's tools and advice. It is the result of research that has been validated by our scientific committee in order to help you better protect yourself and your loved ones.

Dummies and babie's health with Dr. Christian Recchia

Babies' immune systems are still fragile. This is why we have to be very vigilant. Overexposure to infectious agents or a deficient immune system can cause severe infections. For example, many studies have shown that ENT infections such as acute ear infections are associated with dummy use. Therefore dummies, baby bottles and any other objects that babies regularly put in their mouths must be disinfected regularly.
Dummies and babie's health with Dr. Christian Recchia
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