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DMS against pests

Infestations of pests such as lice, bed bugs or clothes mites have become a recurrent problem. These insects are inseparable from humans, using us to feed, grow and move about. Reproducing in mass, they can quickly spread throughout entire residential areas.

Resistant to chemical products, they are difficult to remove. Nevertheless, there is one natural element that allows you to get rid of them: high temperatures. Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) is an effective, ultra-fast and natural solution. Propelled at a temperature of up to 160°C, it kills all harmful pests and their eggs in a matter of seconds. Regular use allows you to prevent any kind of infestation.

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100 million people are affected every year

The spread of lice

Lice are insects that feed off of blood and live exclusively in human hair. They spread through direct hair-to-hair contact during games, cuddles and the exchange of clothing or personal objects. They can be found in clean and dirty hair and have nothing to do with hygiene.

More than 100 million people experience infestations every year and it is really difficult to get rid of them for good. They are often spread by close contact and communal living.

Itching is the main sign of head lice. It is, however, possible to have lice without having symptoms, at least initially. Lice can also cause red spots to appear due to the saliva injected when biting.

A butterfly in our wardrobe

The ravaging of clothes mites

The clothes mite, originating from Africa, first appeared in Europe at the end of the 18th century. Part of the moth family, these tiny white, grey and brown butterflies are harmless. However, their small white larvae with black heads can measure up to 12 mm and cause a lot of havoc. They feed off of the fibres found in clothing, especially those originating from animals, rich in keratin, such as wool and cashmere. They like sweat and dark corners. Although the wardrobe is their favourite room, they also like to hide out under rugs or on curtains.

When clothing has small holes, it is essential that you act quickly so as to avoid throwing pieces from your wardrobe away.

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A global plague

Mass reproduction of bed bugs

An increase in the number of bed bugs in developed countries has been observed since the 1990s. This is due to the quick and mass reproduction of these unwanted pests (around 500 eggs per female) who like our warm, modern homes. They also use us to move around, which explains how they spread. Anyone can therefore be affected by this infestation.

These beige, brown or black pests feed off of blood. They have the appearance and size of a piece of confetti when they are an adult and do not carry diseases.

Bite marks or red spots on the body may indicate the presence of bed bugs. Their brownish droppings are easily identifiable on bed slats, skirting boards and mattress seams etc.