Presentation of the all-in-one ironing systems

For perfect results in half the time, trust Laurastar’s all-in-one ironing systems. The original beauty of your garments will return, effortlessly. Fibres are smoothed, plumped and cleaned, in a way that is both natural and long lasting. The secret? The combination of an active ironing table, a steam generator and a professional iron that reinvents ironing!

Featuring a vacuum and blower system, the table is your ally when it comes to avoiding creases and wrinkles. Whether you're ironing horizontally on the board or steaming vertically on the hanger, your clothes will be impeccable. Laurastar continues to produce innovative designs so that you can easily take care of your garments and fabrics, all while naturally disinfecting them thanks to the hygienic properties of its high pressure Dry Microfine Steam (DMS).

Each product is designed to last for a generation: Laurastar is opposed to planned obsolescence and is committed to taking care of you, your loved ones and our planet. Choose excellence, choose an all-in-one Laurastar ironing system.

Which range of ironing systems is right for you?

Laurastar Smart range

Boasting the most cutting-edge technologies, the Laurastar Smart range offers unrivalled comfort, allowing you to save time and beautify your clothes. Be Smart, change your outlook on ironing!

Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) is a certified and high-performance steam that takes care of your fabrics and disinfects them. A connected ironing assistant walks you through the ironing of your shirts or the changing of your anti-scale filter. With no thermostat, the single temperature system makes your life easier. Sensteam technology adapts to your movements. The 3D sole plate offers you unrivalled ironing quality. Finally, the pulsed steam ensures an optimum amount of steam for perfect results on all your fabrics, even the most delicate.

Discover all the technologies that contribute to the excellence of the Laurastar Smart range.
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Laurastar Smart

Laurastar S

Laurastar S PURE range

With the Laurastar S PURE range, take care of your laundry gently and thoroughly. With this top-of-the-line all-in-one system, you get an ironing-board that breathes and releases air, a high-pressure steam generator, a professional iron and a high-capacity detachable reservoir that can you can refill while in use, giving you unlimited autonomy.

Thanks to the hygienic DMS, your laundry will be cleaned, its volume restored and your style will be flawless.
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Laurastar GO range

Take your first steps into the Laurastar ironing world with the Laurastar GO range. This all-in-one ironing system is sure to win you over. Its active table, rapid heating system and the performance of its high-pressure DMS are the selling points of Laurastar GO. Equipped with wheels, it can be folded and unfolded in the blink of an eye.

Comfortable ironing, perfect results and supremely simple. Let’s GO!
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Laurastar Smart

How to choose the right ironing system

Take a look at our buyer’s guide and find the perfect ironing system for you thanks to our product comparison table.
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What are the features of our ironing systems?

Our all-in-one systems and their exclusive features offer unrivalled ironing quality and save remarkable amounts of time. The active table features a four-speed vacuum and blower system: as it is inflated, the ironing-board forms an air cushion that keeps fabrics perfectly in place. No more creases! As the fabric has air blown on it, it is perfectly positioned to make ironing easier. The unique steam iron is designed for perfect results in a single movement. Its rounded shape prevents creases. Its powerful and ultra-fine steam takes care of all fabrics.

The ergonomic iron is adapted for horizontal ironing on the ironing-board or vertical steaming on the hanger. Thanks to its quick heating time, your steam iron is ready in under 3 minutes. Do you need to take a break? The machine stops automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The ironing-board is adjustable, with 6 different heights. Its wide ironing surface and its narrow end are perfect for easy ironing and adapted to all clothing shapes.

Dry Microfine Steam (DMS)

Laurastar’s DMS ensures perfect results in half the time. Even the most delicate fabrics are perfectly ironed, steamed and delicately plumped. DMS is a disinfectant that works deep within fibres and on surfaces and objects. 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, are eliminated and 100% of dust mites* are killed in a few seconds. Performance, hygiene and care define this gentle and moisture-free steam which is 15 times faster than that of standard steam generators.

*Results scientifically proven by independent laboratories with ISO 17025.accreditation.
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Stop obsolescence

Stop obsolescence

Combating planned obsolescence is a question of respect. For you and for the planet. Waste is a major problem today. To help make a change, Laurastar creates products designed to last you for a generation. As early as the design stage, our engineers and designers develop durable, reliable and high-quality appliances. They go through intensive testing and the materials are put to the test to ensure their resistance and technical qualities. To prove to you that this is no empty promise but a reality, Laurastar is committed to repairing its products for a minimum of 10 years.
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