A heart-shaped forest with Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) emerging, symbolising Laurastar’s commitment to a sustainable future.
  A heart-shaped forest with Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) emerging, symbolising Laurastar’s commitment to a sustainable future.
Opening up possibilities

For a more sustainable future

Tomorrow starts today, which is why we are committed to looking after the planet. With a vision, commitments and concrete actions in place for over 40 years, from the fight against planned obsolescence to the search for natural and reliable solutions to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, discover how Laurastar is responding to the challenges of our time to create a more sustainable and respectful world.

We are committed

Stop obsolescence

With our innovation and Swiss engineering excellence, we have designed products that last: robust and high quality, thoroughly tested, and guaranteed repairable for at least 10 years. Learn more about how Laurastar is fighting against planned obsolescence, from resource conservation to waste reduction and more responsible consumption.
Fight against planned obsolescence

                Swiss forest with Laurastar STOP Obsolescence logo - fighting planned obsolescence with sustainable and repairable products.

                Laurastar DMS is made entirely of water, a natural alternative for environmentally-friendly hygiene and fabric care.
We offer a choice

A natural alternative

Sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand. Through our daily choices, we have the opportunity to opt for products that are kind to the planet. Every action counts to reduce the use of precious resources, such as water and energy or the use of harmful and corrosive chemicals. Laurastar steam is a true natural alternative for hygienic and fabric care.

Purify your life with Dry Microfine Steam
We respect

More sustainable fashion

We believe in more sustainable, respectful and innovative fashion. We support those who share our ambition for more responsible consumption. In this way, we support the designers and talents of tomorrow for fashion that reflects our values. We are committed to the long term by allowing you to extend the life of your clothes and objects, and promoting a circular economy.
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                  Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) deeply cares for fabrics to ensure a longer life

                          Laurastar DMS eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and dust mites, tested by laboratories
We control

Measurable and verifiable

The quality and reliability of Laurastar products is well known, but we take it even further: beyond satisfying our customers, we are committed to earning their trust. In the interests of ethics and transparency, we have set up a scientific committee which, in addition to conducting research to best meet our customers' needs, supervises and validates all the information we make available. We also collaborate with independent ISO 17025-certified laboratories and institutes, which measure and test each of our products according to standard protocols. In this way, we help consumers make informed choices by providing them with understandable, easily accessible and verifiable information.

Understand and take action with Lab-L
We include

Equality and diversity

Laurastar is committed to promoting gender balance within the company, equal pay and work organisation for men and women to encourage a balance between professional and private life. Laurastar is committed to providing a respectful and caring environment for its employees and has implemented concrete actions, such as a salary and wage policy audit that ensures equality between all employees. Laurastar was even awarded the Swiss Circle of Women Directors Award in 2022 for its commitment to diversity in the broadest sense. The jury was convinced by the equal opportunities and the promotion of workplace diversity in the family business.

                          Trophy of the Swiss Circle of Women Directors awarded to Laurastar for its commitment to equality and diversity at work.