The Laurastar customer service department is here to help you extend the lifespan of your device.

Please contact us at any time for access to a repair service that will:
  • replace parts
  • clean a product
  • polish an iron
  • carry out a full service
  • extend your warranty by one year after a repair
Make a repair request
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Stop obsolescence

The products of a generation

Combating planned obsolescence is a question of respect. For you and for the planet. Waste is a major problem today. To change things, we have to create products that are built to last. From the preliminary design stage onwards, our engineers and designers strive to develop long-lasting, reliable, high-quality products that undergo intensive testing so you don’t have to consume more than necessary. Laurastar products are designed to stay with you for a generation. And to prove to you that this is no empty promise but a reality, Laurastar is committed to repairing its products for a minimum of 10 years..

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