Two amigurumi rabbits sitting on a chair in a perfectly hygienic luxury flat.
  Two amigurumi rabbits sitting on a chair in a perfectly hygienic luxury flat.

Beautify and purify your life

Taking care of the beauty and hygiene of both your clothes and your home is what we have been doing as a Swiss family business for over 40 years. We are Laurastar and our mission is to make your life more beautiful and your home healthier. Today, we are the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality steam systems, and the creators of a unique technology: Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS). From ironing to disinfecting fabrics, objects and surfaces, we are committed to fighting against planned obsolescence with sustainable and repairable products designed to beautify and purify your clothes and home for a generation.

Who are we?

A Swiss family business

First and foremost, Laurastar is a story of family. It began in 1980 with Jean Monney, a visionary Swiss entrepreneur. In 2019, his children Julie and Michael Monney took over the company as co-CEOs and continued the legacy of innovation, design, quality and passion instilled in them by their father. Today, the Swiss family business is based in Châtel-St-Denis, Fribourg. It has become the world leader in high-quality steam systems and works every day to make your life more beautiful and your home healthier.

                Laurastar logo with Swiss design and engineering, all-in-one ironing system, Monney family and mountains in the background.

                High-quality steam and ironing technology from the Swiss family business Laurastar for over 40 years.
What do we do?

Over 40 years of expertise

Always striving for excellence, the Swiss company is constantly innovating to push the boundaries of perfection and develop new exclusive technologies. A constant demand for the highest quality, precision and aesthetics: this is how Laurastar makes it easy for you to get unique and life-changing results.

What do we do?

Excellence at your service

All Laurastar products are based on recognised and proven features: exceptional steam, award-winning design and user-friendly ergonomics. They embody the excellence of the Swiss engineering that produced them. From ironing to disinfecting fabrics, objects and surfaces, from the home to baby: discover our ranges to beautify and sanitise your daily life in the long term.
Our secret?

The power of Dry Microfine Steam (DMS)

Over 40 years of steam expertise has led our engineers in Switzerland to develop DMS (Dry Microfine Steam). All Laurastar products are equipped with this exclusive technology. Its exceptional properties guarantee performance, laundry care and hygiene on all fabrics, even the most delicate. Respectful and natural, it avoids the use of chemical products. Beautify and purify your life.
Discover the secrets of Dry Microfine Steam (DMS)
Why do we do it?

To beautify your life

Laurastar DMS takes care of the beauty of fabrics. Its gentle action on the surface is just as effective when it gets deep into fibres to beautify and purify them. It naturally and carefully plumps up all fabrics, even the most delicate ones such as wool or angora, and strengthens the fibre, ensuring that it spreads throughout the entire fabric. As for your surfaces and personal items, the use of DMS steam as an alternative to chemicals is just as effective and ensures that the integrity of the material is fully preserved. Laurastar has mastered the use of steam and heat to make your life more beautiful. We distil our unique expertise into increasingly simple movements.
Details that make all the difference

                  Very elegant woman using Laurastar DMS technology to care for and beautify fabrics in a natural and effective way.

                  Mother holding her baby in a clean and healthy environment thanks to Laurastar DMS
Why do we do it?

A healthier home for you and your loved ones

Adopting good hygiene habits is essential for good health. Did you know that Dry Microfine Steam is a natural and sustainable alternative for home hygiene? It sanitises, disinfects and reduces odours on all materials, surfaces and fabrics, without the use of chemicals. The effectiveness of Laurastar DMS has been proven by scientific tests conducted by independent ISO 17025-certified laboratories. Dry Microfine Steam naturally reduces the risk of infections and diseases, while also relieving allergies. A reliable solution for those who want to live in a healthier world with fewer chemicals.

Scientifically proven results
How do we do it?

Responsibly and sustainably

Respect for each other, the environment and our planet is essential to Laurastar. We are committed to doing our bit to make change happen. We have adopted a human resources policy where everyone is equal and can develop within a family business that promotes diversity and inclusion. Together, we are committed to fighting against planned obsolescence by creating robust, quality and repairable products, designed to accompany you for a whole generation. We want to contribute to a more sustainable world by also offering an effective alternative to chemicals, a natural technology present in all our products: Dry Microfine Steam. This unique steam restores the original beauty of objects and clothes to ensure they last longer. To preserve our world. And to protect you and your loved ones.

Let’s commit together