To protect you and your loved ones

Natural daily hygiene

With more than 40 years of experience and innovation, Laurastar boasts an exceptional steam: Dry Microfine Steam (DMS). Laboratory tests have demonstrated its unique ability to care for and naturally disinfect fabrics. With this expertise, the Swiss group is aiming to become the global leader in daily hygiene. This is how Lab-L came to be, a research and education platform backed by a scientific committee. Chaired by Dr Recchia and composed of scientific experts, its aim is to provide a concrete response to the currently growing global health challenges.
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Hygiene is at the heart of all issues


Lab-L’s mission is to provide innovative, reliable and effective solutions to the growing list of problems we find ourselves faced within the field of hygiene and health. A true laboratory of ideas, Lab-L examines issues, identifies scientifically sound solutions and operates with transparency and objectivity.
Not just words but facts


Lab-L is based on the medical and scientific expertise of its members. The platform ethically and rigorously carries out research and provides objective and transparent evidence on the performance and safety of recommended solutions. Lab-L aims to become a reliable source of information for all those who have questions about hygiene.
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Re-learn daily hygiene


For several decades, hygiene has been associated with taking care of your body and looking beautiful without it necessarily being linked to disease prevention. Lab-L, a place for information and hygiene education. It has been charged with explaining how to implement simple hygiene methods that are natural and protect the environment in order to stay healthy every day.
Meeting the challenges of tomorrow


Because it is worth being one step ahead, Lab-L has set up a monitoring and analysis unit. This unit was established to anticipate tomorrow's health challenges and to monitor the progress of scientific knowledge and health trends. This will make finding preventative solutions even more important.
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