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A question of respect

At Laurastar, we believe that combatting planned obsolescence is a question of respect. Both for the environment and for our customers. Waste is a major problem in today's modern society and we all have a role to play. Our products are designed to last. They are robust, high-quality items that can be repaired and will stay with you for an entire generation. For us, this isn’t just an intention, it’s a reality. Here are the specific actions we are taking to prevent planned obsolescence.

Designed to last

From the first design stage onwards, our R&D teams outline strict specifications both in terms of the functionalities and quality of the components, as well as the selection of suppliers. The resistance and technical capacities of the materials are tested. Our appliances are made up of removable parts that can be taken apart easily and repaired for as long as possible. Once they have been assembled, they undergo intensive testing carried out by our R&D team at our international headquarters in Châtel-St-Denis. Advanced test systems allow us to simulate 8 to 10 years – or 600 to 800 hours – of use within a very short period of time, to ensure the robustness of our products over the years.
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One by one, our devices are carefully tested also at the end of our production lines as a guarantee of their quality for our users. Once launched in the market, we carry out further tests as part of our continuous improvement process.
We also care about the emotional and technological durability of our products: thanks to a reduced and long-lasting range, complementary items in terms of use, and zero dependence on any technology that could make them obsolete.
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Repair rather than throw away

Once the product is purchased by our customers, they will benefit from a two-year guarantee in Europe on all parts and labour, as well as a 10-year repair service. They just need to contact Laurastar or their relevant authorised distributor within the market. We value the repairability of our equipment both for our customers and for our network of dealers, who are well informed and trained in this area. This naturally implies the availability of spare parts as well as a quick and efficient repair service.

Taking care of your appliances and the planet

Laurastar products come with instructions for use, which include advice on how to extend their lifespan. Then it’s up to our customers to ensure they use their appliance as intended and that it is properly maintained. Our SMART range is accompanied by a mobile application with practical tips for both use and maintenance. We also provide a number of tutorials as a supplement allowing for the information to be received as efficiently as possible.
And finally, the choice of a brand like Laurastar is also a way to act against planned obsolescence, based on its concern for environmental issues and its personal commitment. Thank you for trusting in us.
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