For over 40 years, Laurastar has been committed to caring for your clothes while respecting our planet. In addition to high-performance appliances, the secret of impeccable ironing and steaming also lies in the proper maintenance of these appliances. Laurastar provides key information to efficiently clean the iron soleplate, an essential part of the steam generator.

Why should you clean the soleplate of your steam generator?

Being in direct contact with the air, the soleplate of your steam generator is the part that gets dirty the fastest. Sometimes even after immediate contact with clothes, the soleplate of your iron must be impeccably clean and in excellent condition. It is essential to avoid any marks on fabrics from using the iron.
As with all your household appliances, preventing and treating stains, scaling, burns and other dirt on the soleplate of your steam generator is essential. For clean, quality ironing, Laurastar recommends regular, thorough cleaning of the various parts and accessories of your steam generator.

How often should I clean my iron for optimal ironing?

Regular maintenance of your steam generator will enhance your entire wardrobe! In order to ensure optimal ironing and the longevity of your appliances, we recommend that you clean the iron soleplate as often as possible. On average, this should be done once a month. Of course, if you notice any marks beforehand, clean your iron immediately or before your next ironing session to keep your clothes perfectly ironed and crease-free.

Before carrying out any maintenance on your steam generator, make sure that it is turned off, unplugged and cold, and that at least 2 hours have passed since its last use.

Limescale, stains, scaling, burns... Why is the soleplate of your iron dirty?

To avoid any kind of marks when ironing, it is essential to keep the iron soleplate impeccably clean. However, the tap water you use to fill the tank of your steam generator may be hard. Over time, limescale causes stains and dirt to accumulate on the iron soleplate.

Fabrics are ironed when steam passes through them, which relaxes and dries the fibres, then tightens them, thus eliminating creases. However, the steam generator and particularly the iron, produce heat. The chance of burns is then more likely, visible not only on the fabrics but also in the form of scaling on the iron.

What are the solutions for cleaning and maintaining the soleplate of your steam generator?

With 40 years of ironing experience, Laurastar provides you with tips on how to effectively maintain and clean the soleplate of your steam generator. How do you treat stain problems at the source? First of all, the use of anti-scale cartridges and filters limits the build-up of scale on the iron soleplate. The anti-scale cartridges, like the filters, filter the running water and make it suitable for ironing. Anti-scale and anti-corrosive, the filters and cartridges developed by Laurastar engineers preserve the parts of the boiler and extend the life of your steam generator.
When there are marks on the soleplate, use the Laurastar cleaning mat to remove them. Make sure the iron is unplugged and leave it to cool down if it’s still hot. Rub the soleplate vigorously with the mat from the back to the front. Then lift up the iron and activate the steam button on the handle. This will remove any dirt residue that may be lodged in the holes of the iron. Finally, wipe the soleplate with a clean, damp cloth.

In case of stubborn build-up, use an abrasive sponge on the soleplate of your iron to remove any aluminium oxide that has settled on the soleplate. Then clean with a dry or slightly dampened clean cloth. You can thus ensure professional quality ironing, steaming, sterilisation and disinfection at home, as if the fabrics had been given to a dry cleaner.
Soleplate cleaning mat

What are the features of the Laurastar 3D soleplate and how do you use it?

For top-quality ironing and steaming, follow expert advice! The Laurastar 3D soleplate's innovative technology offers unmatched ironing quality in a single movement. The 3D active soleplate has a dual-action feature: the surface of the soleplate holds the fabric in place while steam is distributed over its entire surface to effortlessly eliminate creases. Your clothes are kept looking beautiful; the fibres are purified and thoroughly refreshed.
When ironing garments that require special care, combine the Laurastar 3D soleplate technology with the protective "Soft pressing" soleplate. Designed by Laurastar engineers, this soleplate protects your delicate laundry and dark fibres. Its special coating reduces heat, preserves delicate fabrics, such as silk, and prevents dark fabrics from becoming shiny.

Attach the 3D soleplate to your iron by placing the tip of the iron into the front of the soleplate. Pull the back tab of the soleplate to secure the iron when lowering it into place. Then wait 1 to 2 minutes before starting your ironing. Both the soleplate and the iron must reach a sufficiently high temperature for optimum performance. Also remember to remove the iron soleplate after each use, always with care because the parts are will be hot.
Protective soleplate

What is hygienic steam?

An exclusive technology developed by Laurastar engineers in Switzerland, Dry Microfine Steam or DMS has exceptional properties. It can reach a temperature of 160°C and is propelled at a speed of up to 129 km/h, thus eliminating 100% of dust mites and more than 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi* (*Candida albicans), without damaging fabrics. Iron, steam and purify your shirts, towels and other fabrics perfectly: Laurastar DMS purifies all fabrics that have not been disinfected by washing at temperatures lower than 60°C.
Dry Microfine Steam
With Laurastar DMS, you can disinfect your entire wardrobe reliably, quickly, healthy and sustainably, without the need for chemical treatments! ISO 17025-certified by independent laboratories, it respects your clothes, health and the environment, while making ironing and steaming easier than ever. Dry Microfine Steam technology guarantees impeccable results for all your fabrics, even the most delicate. Get perfect, professional results in half the time.

With its expertise in fabric care, Laurastar offers high-performance steam generators so you can take care of your clothes at home with professional results. The ironing, straightening and disinfecting qualities do not only lie in the efficiency of our appliances, Laurastar also offers cleaning and maintenance advice adapted to these appliances. Special care is recommended to prolong the longevity of the soleplate and parts of your steam generator, and for the durability of your fabrics.
Laurastar is openly committed to fighting against planned obsolescence, by paying careful attention to the maintenance of its appliances. As respect for customers is as important as protecting the environment, Laurastar has chosen to fight against this modern issue with other concrete actions. This fight against planned obsolescence begins at the design stage: our products are created to last. Repairability is also a priority: Laurastar appliances have a 2-year warranty and repairs are guaranteed for 10 years. Quality, robust and repairable, Laurastar products are built to last.
Stop obsolescence

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