4 verbs to kill the germs in your house

During a worldwide pandemic, your daily hygiene routine needs reinventing: washing your hands 10 times a day, emptying your bottle of hand sanitiser, wearing your mask and smiling with your eyes, sneezing into your elbow – or avoiding sneezing in public entirely – are all things you know by heart. But how can you get rid of germs, bacteria and viruses at home? Here is a routine structured around 4 verbs to combat germs every day.

Tidy up

Before anything else, put things in order! As recommended by Marie Kondo, the tidier a room is, the easier it will be to eradicate any unwanted bacteria that may be lurking beneath the mess. Don’t miss any nooks or crannies, especially the hallway where germs can enter, but also damp rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, where heat and humidity allow germs to multiply, as well as rooms where your items may touch and contaminate each other.
Likewise, don't just put your bag anywhere, especially not on the floor. It’s a good habit that you should also practice outdoors, whether you’re in a restaurant, on public transport or in public toilets. Knowing that your bag can carry a whole host of unwanted bacteria could make you feeling nervous for the rest of your life.


For a clean environment, let’s start with the most basic task: cleaning! It may be obvious, but it requires time and planning, and must be done regularly. To clean surfaces and objects, nothing beats a clean cloth with soap and water. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Also remember to regularly change your sponge or cloth, as unwanted germs can thrive on them.
For larger textiles like duvets, carpets or curtains, use a powerful vacuum cleaner and thoroughly remove the dust, or contact a cleaning company for a deeper clean.
Every week, put your tea towels in the washing machine and wash fabric bags regularly where possible.


After cleaning, there is no proof that germs are completely eliminated. This means it’s now time to disinfect. To do so, carefully wash your hands and regularly go over items.
For electronic screens, use screen wipes or a soft damp cloth. For leather bags, use disinfectant wipes. For all other objects and fabrics, use disinfectant steam from a steam purifier such as IGGI or a portable steam generator like LIFT.
You probably never think about it, but your washing machine also needs to be cleaned. All you have to do is run it on an empty cycle at 90° once a month.
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You take care of yourself when you have a cold, but less so when you start cleaning. But protecting yourself from germs is also extremely important. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds, and wear reusable or disposable gloves for daily cleaning and disinfecting.
To reduce your exposure to germs, do your best to leave them outside the house. Keep your shoes, coats and bags in the hall. Ventilate rooms as much and as often as possible, it doesn’t take long to replace and freshen stale air.
A few simple daily hygiene practices make it easy to keep germs at bay. Choose natural and environmentally-friendly methods, like Laurastar’s DMS that eradicates germs and viruses in one go. But most importantly, be consistent: managing your exposure to germs automatically is a lot more relaxing than tackling them once they’ve settled in. Does it make sense?