Our advice for changing your mind as well as your clothes

It’s always the same scenario... no matter how hard you try to prepare, it’s often only at the last minute that everything is decided: right in front of your wardrobe, when it’s time to go. And that can be seriously stressful. What would look good on you? Those trousers don’t fit anymore, that outfit isn’t anything special and that blouse is so last season... Here are some tips to manage the intense stress of the situation more easily (although everything is relative...).
Tip No.1

Prioritise the basics

When we talk about “basics”, we mean “colours” or rather “non-colours”. Things that go with everything: the weather, your mood and the right occasion. White, black, grey, cream and camel are all safe bets! Basics also include chinos, jeans and shirts: simple, essential pieces that you can combine with a chic belt or a bohemian scarf, ankle boots or trainers, depending on the level of elegance or comfort you are looking for.
Tip No. 2

Choose soft materials

Choosing your outfit also means getting it ready! If it’s been buried under a pile of clothes or somewhat neglected, it will at best look slightly creased and at worst be completely crumpled. And a scruffy look is unthinkable! To avoid this, choose light, soft fabrics that can be folded and unfolded without worrying. As well as being easy to iron, you can remove creases from them in the blink of an eye, and they also have the advantage of drying quickly after an express wash. Finally, get a Laurastar Lift to freshen up your outfit in just a few minutes. Held upright, it removes creases from all materials, including the most delicate: lace, microfibre, cashmere, silk, etc.
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Tip No.3

Your special last-minute wardrobe essentials

Getting ready in a hurry is complicated: it’s too late to try things on or search through all your shelves. So you need clothes that are perfect for any occasion, right away. Here is a list of essentials for your wardrobe so you can plan ahead:
  • A little black dress or black trousers go with everything!
  • Jeans that you feel comfortable in.
  • A white blouse or shirt with detailing around the cuffs or collar is perfect for a job interview or party. Wear it with jeans for a more casual look, or with black trousers for a dressed-up version.
  • A trench coat that can be worn in any season!
  • T-shirts, whatever the shape, sleeve length or colour, are always easy to wear.
  • A nice oversized jumper for a cosy moment or an on-trend look.
  • And finally for your feet: city trainers, sandals and of course those heels that fit you perfectly!
Final tip

Dare to be bold!

Stay safe without being too classic: an eye-catching blouse, a distinctive pattern or a bright colour, it’s all about wearing something that will make you stand out you for a last-minute event, date or party. So, are you ready?
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