Do you have a large amount of laundry to iron or dream of replacing your iron with a high-performance steam generator? Offering a result comparable to that of a dry cleaner and considerable time savings, this equipment with multiple advantages continues to attract new users. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy your steam generator on sale.

Laurastar Lift Xtra Titan Steam Generator next to neatly ironed clothes and plush toys on a table

Our steam stations on sale

Laurastar, a global leader in high-end steam ironing systems, offers you the opportunity to benefit from exclusive promotions on its steam stations. These special offers represent more than just a discount: they are a gateway to revolutionary technologies. Always striving for excellence, Laurastar is constantly innovating. So come and take advantage of our steam stations on sale.

Laurastar reinvents ironing with the best steam stations! Laurastar Lift is the only 3-in-1 station that irons, steams and disinfects. With its unique design combined with exceptional steam, Dry Microfine Steam (DMS), ironing becomes easier than ever to make your life more beautiful and healthier. Its removable water tank allows you to add water without interrupting ironing. Laurastar Lift follows you from the dressing room to the living room, horizontally on the ironing board or vertically on a hanger.

The Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) technology that Laurastar incorporates into all its devices allows for deep and effective steam ironing, preserving the quality of your textiles while eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and dust mites without the use of chemicals.

Elevate fabrics in every room with Laurastar Lift!

Benefiting from Swiss innovation and engineering excellence, Laurastar has designed products to last: robust and high-quality, meticulously tested, the company guarantees their repairability for at least 10 years. Discover how Laurastar fights against planned obsolescence, from resource conservation to waste reduction and more responsible consumption.

Actually, there is really no reason to resist buying a Laurastar steam generator during the sales!

How to maintain a steam generator?

For optimal longevity and consistent performance of your Laurastar steam generator, regular maintenance is crucial. It is essential to follow a few simple yet effective steps.

First, use demineralized water to prevent the build up of limestone that can affect steam production and the health of your device. Laurastar anti-limestone filters filter tap water before use for ironing.

It is also recommended to periodically clean the water tank to prevent any contamination and clean the soleplate of the iron. With Laurastar's cleaning mat, the soleplate of your iron will regain its shine from the first day. To do this, simply rub vigorously before wiping the soleplate with a damp cloth.

These maintenance gestures not only ensure better ironing performance, but also significantly extend the lifespan of the appliance.

When you purchase your Laurastar steam iron during the sale period, you are guaranteed to enjoy unbeatable value for money!

What are the main features of a steam generator?

Laurastar steam stations stand out for several advanced technical aspects. As mentioned earlier and thanks to Laurastar's exclusive technology, DMS steam has unique properties for unparalleled results, both to beautify your clothes and to sanitize your interior. The promises of DMS are simple: performance, care for materials, and hygiene. A natural technology that will save you from chemical treatments.

These devices offer a range of features optimised to enhance the user experience: high power for rapid heating, a removable water tank for uninterrupted ironing and no need to adjust the temperature. Lift Xtra steam generators now automatically reach the most suitable temperature for all your textiles. The exclusive 3D soleplate offers unequalled ironing quality in a single pass. The latest top-of-the-range Laurastar models are also equipped with pulsed steam, the ultimate touch for caring for your clothes.

These features are designed not only to offer superior performance, but also to ensure durability and ease of maintenance, Laurastar products revolutionize everyday life. Nothing less.

Anticipating market trends and customer needs, and then envisioning and designing unique products that meet them, has been the company's vision for 40 years.