Welcome to the world of second-hand fashion, where treasures await, and unique styles come to life. Shopping for pre-loved clothing is not only a sustainable choice but also a gateway to discovering one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personal style. However, when it comes to second-hand garments, proper care and maintenance are key to bringing out their full potential. In this article, we'll share ironing and garment care tips to revitalize your second-hand finds and keep them looking their best.
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Understand the Power of Steam

Steam is a game-changer when it comes to caring for your clothes. Laurastar's innovative DMS (Dry Microfine Steam) technology revolutionizes the way you iron and sanitize garments. DMS steam penetrates deep into the fabric fibres, removing wrinkles, disinfecting, and refreshing the garment in a single step. Moreover, the gentle nature of DMS steam ensures that even the most delicate fabrics are treated with care, while helping to plump up the fibers, restoring their natural beauty and ensuring they look their best.
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Start with Proper Preparation

Before revitalizing your second-hand treasures, it's essential to prepare them for the process. First and foremost, give the garments a thorough wash following the care label instructions, if possible. This step ensures that they are clean and fresh before ironing or steaming. If there are any stubborn stains or spots, you can refer to our helpful guide on how to remove stains for effective solutions. Once the clothes are clean, they'll be ready to undergo the ironing or steaming process, allowing you to achieve impeccable results and breathe new life into your second-hand finds.

Invest in a Quality Ironing Board

A stable and well-padded ironing board is essential to iron properly. Not only does it provide a solid foundation, but it also ensures easy and efficient ironing and protects your clothes from eventual damage. When selecting an ironing board, choose one that provides ample space for your garments and allows easy manoeuvring. For an enhanced ironing experience and superior results, consider upgrading to a Laurastar Smart. This All-in-One system features Laurastar’s exclusive DMS steam, a professional 3D iron and an active table that simplifies ironing by blowing or vacuuming air. These advanced technologies seamlessly work together to provide exceptional accuracy and performance, resulting in perfect ironing results in half the time.
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Master the Art of Ironing

When ironing second-hand clothes, it's crucial to use the right techniques to avoid any damage. Start with the garments that require the lowest temperature, gradually working your way up. If you have a Laurastar Smart ironing system, there's no need to change the temperature settings as they are designed to provide the perfect heat for all types of fabrics. Next, place a thin cloth or protective sheet over delicate fabrics to prevent direct contact with the iron's soleplate. If you have a Laurastar, use the protective soleplate that comes with your all-in-one system or steam generator. Finally, smooth out wrinkles with even strokes, allowing the DMS steam to work its magic and restore the garment's original beauty.
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Pay Attention to Details

Remember to pay special attention to intricate details, such as collars, cuffs, and pleats. Use the precision tip of your iron to reach these areas, ensuring they look crisp and well-maintained. Laurastar's products come with professional irons designed to handle even the trickiest ironing challenges with ease.

Safe and Easy Garment Care

Laurastar's all-in-one systems and steam generators are not just about ironing; they offer all-in-one solutions for comprehensive garment care. The built-in steam function allows you to effectively disinfect your second-hand finds, eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and unwanted odours. With the Laurastar Smart and Laurastar Lift, you can conveniently sanitize garments without going to the dry cleaner.

Reviving your second-hand fashion treasures is a rewarding journey that combines style, sustainability, and care. By following these ironing and garment care tips and harnessing the power of Laurastar's DMS steam, you can bring new life to your second-hand finds. Whether it's removing wrinkles, disinfecting, or refreshing garments, Laurastar Smart and Lift models are your trusted companions for superior results. So embrace the world of second-hand fashion with confidence, knowing that your cherished pieces will always look their best. Explore the Ultimate Second-Hand Fashion Guide Now

Remember, each garment has its unique care requirements, so always refer to the care label and adjust accordingly. Happy styling and caring for your second-hand fashion gems!