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Dry Microfine Steam

Key to your beauty

Created exclusively by Laurastar for elite fashion designers and featuring professional dry cleaning technology, Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) takes care of the beauty of fabrics. Its gentle action on the surface is just as effective when it gets deep into fibres to beautify and purify them. Thanks to its hygienic qualities, DMS effectively and lastingly eliminates harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and dust mites.

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Thoroughly elegant performance

A garment's material, and how it moves and hangs, are the details that make all the difference. To work its magic, Laurastar has mastered the elements that make fabric heighten your elegance: air, steam and heat. Extraordinary know-how focused into increasingly simple movements, combined with exceptional performance: Laurastar steam eliminates creases in a single movement.
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Beauty care

Nothing is more beautiful than a garment that makes you look good and feel better than good. Laurastar steam cares for your fabrics by restoring their volume delicately and naturally, including even the most delicate fabrics, such as wool and angora, so they retain all the original beauty you fell in love with.

Partner of haute couture

Laurastar's exceptional performance levels have made it a firm favourite among top stylists. These include the very contemporary and talented Chinese stylist Guo Pei, who rose to fame after designing the dress Rihanna wore to the 2015 Met Gala. Now also based in Paris, Guo Pei has become a leading figure in the world of haute couture. Her constant quest for beauty and perfection led her to choose Laurastar to add the final touch to her creations before the flash bulbs pop.
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Naturally good for you and your loved ones

Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) purifies textiles naturally and durably without using chemical products. More than 99.9%* of viruses, bacteria, dust mites and fungi as well as odours are effectively eliminated. Laurastar DMS leaves fabrics perfectly dry, allowing little chance for microorganisms to breed. It's an ideal and eco-responsible way to keep your children and babies' laundry perfectly pure and clean.

*tests carried out by 3 independent laboratories certified ISO 17025

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Did you know? Viruses, bacteria and allergens cannot be eliminated by washing at low temperatures. Fortunately, Laurastar takes care of you. A study conducted by two independent laboratories demonstrated the effectiveness of Laurastar's hygienic steam. Thanks to its high temperature, its ability to penetrate fibres and its power, Laurastar steam effectively, naturally and lastingly purifies your clothes and all the fabrics in your home.

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Adopted by the people who care for you

For over 30 years, Swiss maternity wards have trusted the environmentally friendly effectiveness of steam. They use and recommend Laurastar systems to iron and purify clothes provided for newborns.

Laurastar products also have “Allergy UK" approval, a label awarded by top specialists and professors certifying the effectiveness of the brand's products for people with allergies, sensitivities and intolerances.