Make room in your closet (and mind)

Do you also feel like your mind gets cluttered when your wardrobe is? It only takes a glance at all your clothes jumbled together, winter clothes mixed with summer ones, crammed together, not folded properly, creased, hidden, over-used... It's enough to give you a stomach-ache. Clothes you don't wear any more, clothes you've promised yourself you'll wear again, those that fit like a glove and those you've lost all hope of ever fitting in to again. But guess what... This can't go on! Take back control and face the beast: tackle the mountain of clothes and take advantage of our tips so that you can get through this as best you can. You'll see; when everything is properly organised, you'll get even more pleasure opening your wardrobe each morning.
Tip No. 1

Take every item of clothing out of your closet

It’s the only way to effectively separate out and get rid of all those extra things you no longer need. We have a tendency to collect identical pairs of socks, or scarves with bizarre prints on them that we haven't worn in years without realising that it all takes up an insane amount of space. By completely emptying your closet and contemplating the pile of clothes at your feet, you’ll finally realise that you own way more clothes than you thought (which also allows you to find things you thought were lost). With this method, you’ll be able to keep from buying yet another pair of black socks knowing that your closet is already full of them.
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Tip No. 2

Sort your clothes into 3 piles

  • Those you wear often and adore
  • A second pile for clothes you rarely wear but like anyway, or that bring back fond memories
  • A third pile for clothes you never wear (shopping mistakes, styles that no longer look good on you, incorrect sizes)
Now that you can see everything more clearly, you’ll be better organised and more efficient when putting your clothes back in your closet.
Tip No. 3

pile No. 1 - Sort by type and colour

Organise all your clothes by type—skirts, dresses, shirts, coats, etc.—and then by colour: all white shirts together, all patterned dresses together, etc... This will make the task of matching clothes easier: if you're looking for a white blouse to go with a skirt, you’ll have an instant view of all your options!
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Tip No. 4

pile No. 2 - Give clothes that you hardly wear but love anyway another chance

You have to know how to give your clothes a second chance, especially if they bring back fond memories. You can decide what you really what to do with them the next time you sort out your closet.
Tip No. 5

pile No. 3 - Sell, donate or recycle the clothes you never wear

Separate out the clothes you no longer use. The rule of thumb is that you’ll most likely never use clothes again if you haven’t worn them for two years.

You can choose to donate or sell your clothes at second-hand shops; it's up to you to decide what to do with them in the time you have available.
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