Anti-scale granules refills

Anti-scale filters

Anti-scale granules refills

This anti-scale granules refill allows you to filter tap water before it is used for ironing. By preventing limescale, it prolongs the life of your iron. By filtering salts, it improves steam quality. Anti-corrosive, it also prevents damage to boiler components. Anti-scale granules should be replaced when they turn completely brown.

Delivered with the integrated anti-scale filter in the following ironing systems: Laurastar Pulse Silver, Laurastar Pulse, Laurastar S7a, Laurastar S6a, Laurastar S5a, Laurastar S4a and Premium S3; with the integrated anti-scale filter in the following steam generators: Laurastar G7, Evolution i-G5 and Evolution G4 and with the external anti-scale filter for Laurastar Go +, Laurastar Go, Magic Evolution II, Premium Evolution II, Steamax G2 and First G1.

Available for sale only in packs of 3.

Suitable for the following ironing systems:

Laurastar S4a, Laurastar S5a, Laurastar S6a, Laurastar S7a, Laurastar Pulse, Laurastar Pulse Silver, Laurastar Go +, Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition, Laurastar S, Laurastar S PLUS, Laurastar S XTRA

Laurastar - Filtre à eau anticalcaire intégré granulés